Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"SAMPADA" is different from the "Capitalism" as well as from the "Socialism" !!!!!

SAMPADA Namaskar ( Hello ) !

                        Both socialism and capitalism talk of changing the system ,  but cut extreme sharp corners at the dire need of the
individual transformation . 

                        Capitalist system is not a free system , because it wants growth at the cost of others , the mantra of Capitalist system being the snatching away the lunch of the opponents in order to feed ourselves .

                        And the idealistic socialist system is another way of exploitation of the masses in the garb of the social cause .

                        There had always been a vast gulf between the elite and the masses . Had it not been so , why all the socialist country had very strong security-force establishments ! These were needed to suppress the prevalent discontent among the masses .

                        The real solution lies in treating water , livelihood , food  security , education as SAMPADA not SAMPATTI .

                        As you appear to be imbued with
SAMPADA traits , you can very well understand , what is being conveyed .

                         Without individual transformation , no systemic transformation can ever take place . We must shun our habit to see the perils and necessities of others as our shrewd business opportunities , till this mentality of us is not gone , we are bound to be suffer , as attitudinally we are extending our best support to the  very forces which we intend to oppose .

                         In fact , we do not oppose them , rather we want to replace them with ourselves so that we can enjoy in the same fashion . We crib as long as we do not get such an opportunity . But alas , here Darwinism  works , and certainly the fittest will survive and this survival is possible only with the trampling hope of some persons .

                         It is high time , we changed our socio-economic orientation from SAMPATTI to SAMPADA . Enlightened people like you are needed at the front in the upfront manner to effect it .

                         Once again kudos to your sensitive public spirit . Wishing total Happiness in your life !

Most heartfelt regards !

Yours truly ,

Bibek Kumar Anand
Convener "SAMPADA"


  1. Saikrishna BudamguntaApril 23, 2012 at 6:32 PM

    Its a paradigm shift indeed sir. I remember Mahatma Gandhi's Quote, Be the change you want to be. Systemic changes can be driven by individuals who set example for others to follow. Understanding SAMPADA and SAMPATTI divide can help us in highlighting what we desire in life and shape our actions accordingly.

    Pray that tribe of SAMPADites may increase in numbers.