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SAMPADA vs SAMPATTI - Two socio-economic orientations !!!!!

Attributes of these two socio-economic orientations -


S - Selflessness and Sisterhood Promotion ,

A - Affectionate towards others ,

M - Morally strong ,

P - Pure in thought ,

A - Awareness of self , 

D - Determined in action ,

A - Affluent so as to help others .


S - Sensuously dirty ,

A - Apathetic ,

M - Mad for money ,

P - Pathetic ,

A - Arrogant,

T - Torturing others ,

T - Treacherous ,

 I -  Immune to the plight of others.

        SAMPADA or SAMPATTI : which type of wealth we want ?

Namaskar ( Hello ) !
                                                                As you are endowed with a sensitive heart , you must have an incisive insight of the psychological dynamics of the society . Arresting the decadent trend of the society must not be off your agenda . Please go through the philosophy of SAMPADA initiative which has been launched at our end . It is the distillation of my personal experience of life gained by witnessing the circus of the life placing myself in the ring itself rather than sitting on a cushy seat in the stall . You will be glad to know that SAMPADA initiative has started attracting well-meaning  persons in an exponential manner and I will be more than happy to get your endorsement and active help regarding this endeavour . I am sending my most heart-felt gratitude for sparing some moments off your busy schedule for going through this write-up ( Really a long one , but it will not be utterly useless to spend some time over it ) .
                                                   SAMPADA implies blissful selfless wealth whereas SAMPATTI means prickly selfish wealth .

                                                                Normally most of our activities get dictated by monetary profitable motives . No one wants to lose in materialistic terms , but alas , there are more failures than successes in this maddening rush . Everyone is busy , but none knows what she / he is , busy about . We are running very fast but reaching nowhere . The root cause of this sorry state of affairs is the fact that everyone is scared that how one will tackle it , if something wrong goes with her / him . But uncertainty is inevitable , worrying makes the matter painful . What is the basis of this attitude ? Very simple answer , "Everyone is fighting one's own battle " !
                                                   We are engulfed with a sense of competition with each other . Had co-operation in lieu of competition been the driving rule of the world , then all the problems would have been certainly disappeared ! If the sense of service to humanity as a way of serving God can be inculcated in all of us , what a radical shift we would witness in the way the world conducts its work ?
                                                   We do exhibit insensitivity . It is quite paradoxical that as physical distances are shrinking , the psychological ones are widening .
                                                               Nothing seems to stir us . Is it because , we fail to see the same self in others that we do readily seeing within us ? The holy and righteous can not rise beyond the highest who is in each of us , so the wicked and the weak can not fall lower than the lowest which is in us also . So whole therapy of the present social malady lies in us . At bottom everyone knows perfectly well , that she / he is unique being , only once on this earth , and by no extraordinary chance will such a marvelously picturesque piece of diversity in unity as one is , ever put together a second time . Hence , each of us should play a constructive role in a selfless and self-effacing manner .
                                                   SAMPADA initiative will ensure a confident march towards restoring compassion and predictability in the society . Let there be a world without violence , without hatred , without disease , without wasted lives , without hunger ! Let there be work , bread , water and security and freedom for all ! When one paints an ideal , one does not limit one's imagination . But while it is true , as well that without a vision the people perish , it is doubly true that without action , the people and their vision perish . There is no dearth of vision , but is there a surge of dedicated and selfless action ? Someone very aptly said , that " No revolution could occur in this doomed age , for despite reaching great heights of achievement , we remain enslaved to our selfish desires ".

                                                   It is not wealth that stands in the way of liberation , but the attachment to wealth , not the enjoyment of pleasurable things but the craving for them .
                                                   The cause of SAMPADA may appear inconvenient ( as it amounts to reversing our attitude ) , but it is magnificent . It exhorts people to contribute some TAN ( Physical Involvement ) ; MAN ( Dedication ) ; DHAN ( Wealth ) and SAMAY ( Time ) for social purpose in a selfless manner . Once SAMPADA will become our socio-economic orientation, an era of fearlessness and predictability will be just round the corner . We are making so many schemes , why are they not fructifying !
                                                               Basically all our developmental processes focus on removing the physical poverty , and cutting corners on the issue of moral poverty . If sensitive people will be in the saddle of the power, then all the problems will evaporate in no time . Adopting SAMPADA way of socio-economic orientation endows one with full insight for fighting the menace of poverty , which is the most avowed concern for any development strategy . It is surprising that , people do not pay attention to the need for practice of Ethics , when everything can be achieved through it . The essence of Ethics is that no one should do to others what one would not like others to do to oneself . Selfishness is death . Unselfishness is immortality . Both death and deathlessness are in one's own person and not in some distant place . Hence , we will have to promote SAMPADA in a big way , if we are really serious about arresting the decadent trend of the society .
                                                  SAMPADA does not favour slicing up the economic pie in a way that favors one group over another. Rather, it intends to make the total pie bigger .
                                                  What is morally wrong can never be advantageous , even when it enables one to make some gain that one believes to be to one's advantage . The mere act of believing that some wrongful course of action constitutes an advantage is pernicious .
                                                  Can being insensitive to the cause of " SAMPADA" be termed moral ?
                                                  The real learning comes when one changes one's perception , learn to view the world in a different light . This kind of learning comes from the gut level . And it is the most difficult kind of learning . It is the , what is called "neck-down" learning and appears risky , difficult , messy , and uncomfortable when one intends to start it . But it is also real , deep , transformational and invaluable . When it happens , it is the most powerful kind of learning . Changing one's socio-economic orientation from "SAMPATTI" to "SAMPADA" will be a such learning .
                                                  I have set a time of decade , to mobilize as many people as I can. However, a group of 10,000 people (who can't afford to not responding to the call of their souls ) to start with , will set in unprecedented chain reaction of soothing change .
                                                  I am sure that after a decade the world will change its socio-economic orientation from SAMPATTI to SAMPADA . If it does not happen , then we ourselves are the greatest roadblocks , because we do not want to sacrifice even a bit of what we have , and expect others to effect the change . A usual tendency of buck - passing .
                                                  Hope you will extend your best possible help to our ( not mine only , as it belongs to you too ) SAMPADA initiative so that a secure , tranquil and prosperous world may come in its own place .

With most heartfelt Regards !

Yours truly ,

Bibek Kumar Anand
Convener "SAMPADA"

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