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SAMPADA vs SAMPATTI - Two socio-economic orientations !!!!!

Attributes of these two socio-economic orientations -


S - Selflessness and Sisterhood Promotion ,

A - Affectionate towards others ,

M - Morally strong ,

P - Pure in thought ,

A - Awareness of self , 

D - Determined in action ,

A - Affluent so as to help others .


S - Sensuously dirty ,

A - Apathetic ,

M - Mad for money ,

P - Pathetic ,

A - Arrogant,

T - Torturing others ,

T - Treacherous ,

 I -  Immune to the plight of others.

        SAMPADA or SAMPATTI : which type of wealth we want ?

Namaskar ( Hello ) !
                                                                As you are endowed with a sensitive heart , you must have an incisive insight of the psychological dynamics of the society . Arresting the decadent trend of the society must not be off your agenda . Please go through the philosophy of SAMPADA initiative which has been launched at our end . It is the distillation of my personal experience of life gained by witnessing the circus of the life placing myself in the ring itself rather than sitting on a cushy seat in the stall . You will be glad to know that SAMPADA initiative has started attracting well-meaning  persons in an exponential manner and I will be more than happy to get your endorsement and active help regarding this endeavour . I am sending my most heart-felt gratitude for sparing some moments off your busy schedule for going through this write-up ( Really a long one , but it will not be utterly useless to spend some time over it ) .
                                                   SAMPADA implies blissful selfless wealth whereas SAMPATTI means prickly selfish wealth .

                                                                Normally most of our activities get dictated by monetary profitable motives . No one wants to lose in materialistic terms , but alas , there are more failures than successes in this maddening rush . Everyone is busy , but none knows what she / he is , busy about . We are running very fast but reaching nowhere . The root cause of this sorry state of affairs is the fact that everyone is scared that how one will tackle it , if something wrong goes with her / him . But uncertainty is inevitable , worrying makes the matter painful . What is the basis of this attitude ? Very simple answer , "Everyone is fighting one's own battle " !
                                                   We are engulfed with a sense of competition with each other . Had co-operation in lieu of competition been the driving rule of the world , then all the problems would have been certainly disappeared ! If the sense of service to humanity as a way of serving God can be inculcated in all of us , what a radical shift we would witness in the way the world conducts its work ?
                                                   We do exhibit insensitivity . It is quite paradoxical that as physical distances are shrinking , the psychological ones are widening .
                                                               Nothing seems to stir us . Is it because , we fail to see the same self in others that we do readily seeing within us ? The holy and righteous can not rise beyond the highest who is in each of us , so the wicked and the weak can not fall lower than the lowest which is in us also . So whole therapy of the present social malady lies in us . At bottom everyone knows perfectly well , that she / he is unique being , only once on this earth , and by no extraordinary chance will such a marvelously picturesque piece of diversity in unity as one is , ever put together a second time . Hence , each of us should play a constructive role in a selfless and self-effacing manner .
                                                   SAMPADA initiative will ensure a confident march towards restoring compassion and predictability in the society . Let there be a world without violence , without hatred , without disease , without wasted lives , without hunger ! Let there be work , bread , water and security and freedom for all ! When one paints an ideal , one does not limit one's imagination . But while it is true , as well that without a vision the people perish , it is doubly true that without action , the people and their vision perish . There is no dearth of vision , but is there a surge of dedicated and selfless action ? Someone very aptly said , that " No revolution could occur in this doomed age , for despite reaching great heights of achievement , we remain enslaved to our selfish desires ".

                                                   It is not wealth that stands in the way of liberation , but the attachment to wealth , not the enjoyment of pleasurable things but the craving for them .
                                                   The cause of SAMPADA may appear inconvenient ( as it amounts to reversing our attitude ) , but it is magnificent . It exhorts people to contribute some TAN ( Physical Involvement ) ; MAN ( Dedication ) ; DHAN ( Wealth ) and SAMAY ( Time ) for social purpose in a selfless manner . Once SAMPADA will become our socio-economic orientation, an era of fearlessness and predictability will be just round the corner . We are making so many schemes , why are they not fructifying !
                                                               Basically all our developmental processes focus on removing the physical poverty , and cutting corners on the issue of moral poverty . If sensitive people will be in the saddle of the power, then all the problems will evaporate in no time . Adopting SAMPADA way of socio-economic orientation endows one with full insight for fighting the menace of poverty , which is the most avowed concern for any development strategy . It is surprising that , people do not pay attention to the need for practice of Ethics , when everything can be achieved through it . The essence of Ethics is that no one should do to others what one would not like others to do to oneself . Selfishness is death . Unselfishness is immortality . Both death and deathlessness are in one's own person and not in some distant place . Hence , we will have to promote SAMPADA in a big way , if we are really serious about arresting the decadent trend of the society .
                                                  SAMPADA does not favour slicing up the economic pie in a way that favors one group over another. Rather, it intends to make the total pie bigger .
                                                  What is morally wrong can never be advantageous , even when it enables one to make some gain that one believes to be to one's advantage . The mere act of believing that some wrongful course of action constitutes an advantage is pernicious .
                                                  Can being insensitive to the cause of " SAMPADA" be termed moral ?
                                                  The real learning comes when one changes one's perception , learn to view the world in a different light . This kind of learning comes from the gut level . And it is the most difficult kind of learning . It is the , what is called "neck-down" learning and appears risky , difficult , messy , and uncomfortable when one intends to start it . But it is also real , deep , transformational and invaluable . When it happens , it is the most powerful kind of learning . Changing one's socio-economic orientation from "SAMPATTI" to "SAMPADA" will be a such learning .
                                                  I have set a time of decade , to mobilize as many people as I can. However, a group of 10,000 people (who can't afford to not responding to the call of their souls ) to start with , will set in unprecedented chain reaction of soothing change .
                                                  I am sure that after a decade the world will change its socio-economic orientation from SAMPATTI to SAMPADA . If it does not happen , then we ourselves are the greatest roadblocks , because we do not want to sacrifice even a bit of what we have , and expect others to effect the change . A usual tendency of buck - passing .
                                                  Hope you will extend your best possible help to our ( not mine only , as it belongs to you too ) SAMPADA initiative so that a secure , tranquil and prosperous world may come in its own place .

With most heartfelt Regards !

Yours truly ,

Bibek Kumar Anand
Convener "SAMPADA"

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  1. World will soon realize the true Potential of SAMPADA system

  2. This concept will change the thinking of universe and people shall be bound to follow this concept. Every citizen must support as a movement.

    Niraj Kumar Verma

  3. yup if the world follows this many gud things will happen :)

  4. I am a practising Sampadaite. This is what our rishis have been teaching since ages- simple living and high thinking! I wish Bibek all the best in his endeavour. But in Kaliyug somehow you need to fight injustice tooth and nail. There is no use playing the veena before a bull rushing at you. So the right combination in our context is to do good whenever you can, wherever you can in whatever manner you can but always keep a 'danda' in hand to sort out the anti-social elements around you.

  5. Selfishness is death . Unselfishness is immortality .
    These are really beautiful lines
    This should be the mindset of the people

  6. i agree wid u all guys..v r not gonna take our money wid us in our graves..v must keep dat amount of money which is sufficient for fulfilling our needs n providing us wid happiness..da rest must b used for sum noble work..wats need of a lavish life..i already try 2 practise that in wahatever way i can..u guys r putting up a great work..inspiring for all of us..hope they get inspired by u and follow ur footsteps...kudos 2 all ur team members..wat r u all doing 2 make it a greater success??u can post some motivating stories 2 in ur blogs,for instance,bill gates and warren buffet donating their whole property for charity..and mark zuckerberg,the founder of FACEBOOK,donating half of his after being inspired by da above 2 personalities..i guess these stories can help and inspire us(the mango people)........ALISHAN..

  7. Brother Bibek is our role model. I am his humble follower, associate and compatriot in great vision and mission of SAMPADA. Untill the world orients towards SAMPADA miseries, stress and sufferings will remain as the part of human existence. SAMPADA brings peace, prosperity and liberation from bondage. Those who practice SAMPADA in their daily life do the highest duty towards society, family and self.

    Let us all spread this great vision and mission in an examplary way (by adopting sampadaway in our llives). let us give full support to Bibek bhai all the way.

    Dr.Ravi Kant Pathak
    IIT Bombay and Carnengie Mellon Alumnus
    Atmospheric scientist, Sweden

  8. Sampada is a mission.... though a tough one to accomplish, but it has its own points which can lead it through all difficulties... The world has to realise its value and opt for it either today or tomorrow... Being a man with at least a little bit of positive conscience I render my wholehearted support towards SAMPADA...

  9. Bibek 's mission is noble sampatti is the root cause of all evils, miseries ,destruction and sampada is a creation for generation's to come


  10. A noble mission, certainly needs a big support from the society. However, practicalities have to be seen. Sampatti is essential to fill the bellies and for well being. Sampada is essential to maintian peace and harmony.
    Well done Bibek.

  11. I just feel that by being a SAMPADAITE one can fulfill one's purpose of a human life .

    Shri Bibek Anand's stress on personal transformation by going above human weaknesses is totally correct .

    Only by leaving SAMPATTI and adopting SAMPADA we can have happy and peaceful existence .

    We are fortunate to have such a wonderful personality in our times .

    Thanks Almighty .

    Prashant Pushkar
    AEC Agra

  12. this mission sampada should be realized by each and every persons all ovr worlg.... gud mission.......

  13. Dear Bibek : Your thoughts are so well crafted that all I can do is felicitate you.

    Now, concrete steps for the future : make an organisation plan, formalise your structure and then do a road show to collect funds. A road show can be electronic - in fact, it is more effective on line.

    Please inform us how you are structuring your movement. It is essential to build up your credibility among your potential supporters.

  14. Well written Bibek. Helping others without any expected favour & selfishness is key for me to get eternal satisfaction and i also beleive in "Karma".. one who reaps will have to harvest the same in this life only. Good deeds outcome is always good, for some outcome comes early and for some late. And when all the people in this world will start following the same, everyone in this world will be happy.

  15. better late than never........lets come forward for a cause which costs nothing but will count merits infinitely........we all spend an entire life to find the meaning of our existence,i would say this is it! devoting oneself for selfless service to mankind to our fellow brothers and ultimately to the nation.......we can make a difference..so LETS DO IT !

  16. In present scenario of corruption, this concept is very much needed. We should follow concept of SAMPADA. Wishing all the best for Mr. Bibek.


  17. Sooooo true and sensible!! If at least few of them start following it and every one start to think this way..... no wonder we get to see miracles happening!!

    I appreciate and Wish good luck to Mr.Bibek anand for all his thoughts and trials and efforts!! :)

  18. i've never been moved in my life by any organisations or initiatives. but this one has truly touched my heart..whenever m in trouble or i need inspirations SAMPADA is the answer...
    thnks for making me aware of sch gr8 thghts..
    Mr. bibek, i wish u all the best for this and i hope u really get support from like-thinkers like u and me !!
    :) :)
    i m in touch wid nishant sampada , a guy who i believe can really bring gr8 achievements thru this concept.... and infact he is truly devoted to this...

  19. The concept of SAMPADA is quite different and a wise one. It certainly will take time for people to fully accept the idea 'cause this world is full of both kind of souls- selfless and selfish.
    For those people who have been moved by SAMPADA, it is like a torch trying to light up the way ahead........

  20. its realy a great concept and Shri Bibek Anand jee you are really a graet person.i m supporting this noble mission in all possible way.i m poropagating this noble cause in my college and among my friends.i m practising sampada and enjoying sampada bliss and hope the world will soon realize it.

    Regards !!!
    Yogesh Srivastava
    mechanical Engineering
    grd imt,Dehradun

  21. SAMPADA is great and we can find a true meaning of life through it..

    Best of luck to all sampadaites..


  22. I feel I'm quite young to 'comment' on this wonderful work by Bibek Sir. But I'm really honored to be a part of such a marvellous initiative! Lotsa wishes n Regards!


    After reading this all I can just say that its a great idea.... the idea which can change the world. soon world ll recognize the true power of SAMPADA.....
    Loved it Bibek Sir...

    Narpal Singh Chahal

  24. Many congrats to Bibek for this wonderful initiative. This is the true essence of life that teaches us to be content & gain peace. but unfortunately we try to look for peace through materialistic comforts & get entangled in the whirlpool never to come out of it.

    Truly, a sole stirring article.

  25. Bibek is doing a wonderful job of spreading idealism and through it motivating everyone for a joyful and better society.
    shailesh gandhi

  26. SAMPADA NAMASTE, happy to see increasing awareness abt this issue. People come and go, say many things bt the ppl true frm heart wat'er may b the side needs to b appreciatd. We r obviously getting wat we need, sincere apprehension....

  27. I completely agree with this concept...for helping and donating to others, first one must be in possession of that wealth. that would be the real blissful wealth.

  28. good initiative and as I know it is a unique platform to help our society.

  29. Excellent concept. Really need of the hour. It needs to be promoted/taught right from school level. Unless there are sufficient role models everywhere it will not take roots. Therefore we should aim at creating role models and recognise them so that others will emulate.

    K K Jha

  30. Sir,

    I would like to Thank you and SAMPADA for providing me your support throughout my Mains and Interview stages in UPSC CSE 2010!

    SAMPADAWAY makes the person feel dual perspectives about every issue of importance for the society and your guidance and suggestions were handy especially during my Interview.

    The SAMPADA BLISS initiative taken by you needs to be sprinkled on the larger sections of our society. We need Happy India, SAMPADA India and Meaningful India.

    Great Effort by You SIR! Keep the tempo going. My support is always there for SAMPADA BLISS.

    M.Devender Singh,
    CSE 2010 AIR 253

  31. This is really a great mission. This needs to be driven at all levels for an effective transformation. Perhaps the next generation and young generation can help in driving this change in our society.

    Let's keep at it!

    Vinay Gulati

  32. It was really thought-provoking!!! Really a great message to spread !! Wish everyone in the world thought like this.

  33. Our best of luck to Bibek for good initittive

  34. Excellent concept. Really need of the hour. It needs to be promoted/taught right from school level. Unless there are sufficient role models everywhere it will not take roots. Therefore we should aim at creating role models and recognise them so that others will emulate.

  35. i am realizing it !!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks bibek bhaiya......

    - tanya ..

  36. Excellent in concept and very well put. Do let me know - any help any time. Bihar ke liye jaan haazir hai!

  37. I am very new and yet I find this so dear and close to my heart. I will surely follow this and see what and how can I be of help in this movement. I will need to learn a lot before that. Thank you Bibek Anand for introducing me to this.

  38. nice initiative.....never heard of it though,the concept luks very excellent!!!

  39. Grt work..i really appreciate..i knw its a tuff work but someone has to take the initiative n you are the one..excellent work n concept..

  40. Truely appreciable :)
    Peace prevails !

  41. doing good work.. but i would like to say one thing..
    this awareness which you are spreading would only be helpful to find righteous pure persons only... which were already following sampada.. but to transform this world, these persons conjointly have to work hard apart from awareness.. You people are doing a gr8 job as you are helping finding pure persons (by pure i only mean that who know everyone is pure) and helping in making a link between those persons... but i am saying again.. work in the end is must.. :)

  42. nice too see n its was awosem for any kind of knowledge pleddge // and .. reaaly its .. previlage . to b a paart of the system

  43. sampadaway@gmail.com i ahve sendd its req .. to its author .. plz add me

  44. on my gmail id-jaykant5infotech@gmail.com

  45. I appreciate it :)

  46. The idea is good but the presentation is lacking. Please defile Sampada and Sampaty in clear terms and what is the road map. How you will train people. How you are going to achieve the goals. What goals you have set for each individual? It will not happen in its present shape even in two decades. To this thread there are on 47 comments, before mine, out of 17500 visitors. People Stop by (Red Light), see (Yellow Light) and go away (Green Light). Please spell out and make a mechanism.

    1. I mean to say, develop the idea, register an organisation, make its bye-laws, spell out the objectives, make state/city/village wise chapters enrol people, have trainings, seminars, workshops, brain-storming sessions, campaigns, think-tanks, pressure-groups, opinion polls, referendums, counter mechanisms, grass-root grooming, contests, competitions, share responsibility, set goals, Its a giant task and you have to start now to start impacting. Prepare Audio-visual presentations for distributions, to start with. Publish the idea in the newspapers and in electronics media through debates. Have a email and SMS list and send out regular messages, Invite suggestions and comments and keep on improving/refining upon the idea.

      I am just a novice in the Sampada Idea and will watch for some more time to prepare myself. I am already in the social cause and I am serving in my own humble way, which pleases my soul.

      I am not discouraging you, but all I want is to come out on firm footing to do a creative work. Team perform better than an individual and leaves a lasting effect.