Saturday, January 1, 2011

Acting as flywheels for ensuring SAMPADA !

Namaskar  ( Hello ) !

                                         Definitely , you are a very fine personality who has the remarkable ability to understand the  perils of SAMPATTI  and bliss of SAMPADA . I never ask anybody to shun their endeavours of making money , but we must be on our guard of not losing our sensitivity .

                                        The root cause of the thriving of corrupt activities is our blatant refusal to change our socio-economic orientation from SAMPATTI to SAMPADA . A SAMPADAITE can never indulge in corrupt activities . Once SAMPADA is ensured , no need of indulging in corruption !

                                        SAMPADA does not mean renunciation rather it advocates more active generation of resources and more prosperity too , but with a motive to helping others selflessly .

                                         In technical parlance we all should act like fly-wheels getting  help from better-off persons , when we need and extending help  to worse-off persons when the demand rises .

And ,
                                        Flywheel ensures smooth movement . Hence a simpler society !

                                        SAMPADA is a  shift from the economic paradigm of taking to that of giving .

                                         It will unleash a new era of umpteen opportunities and opulence , because for giving , one has to produce beyond one's own requirement . A sharp reversal from the present putrid era of shortage , accusations and counter-accusations and stooping to lowest level to seek personal gains and crass cut-throat competition .

Bibek Kumar Anand
Convener "SAMPADA"


  1. The flow of money is in wrong direction.The government is wasting billions of money in UID project on one hand and on other hand they are raising prices of petrol,and there is rampant poverty. There are still some issues to be addressed but Sampattist as usual have got no understanding of the society and its people.They can only control but never understand.Our resources should be in hand of the Sampada charged people who can utilise it for benefit of all.

  2. I totally agree with Anubhuti's comments.

    It’s not so important how much money one earns, it’s what one does with it that makes the difference . Let us make the economics meaningful.

    SAMPADA makes us aware to use our economy in a meaningful way .

    Go SAMPADA Way !!!

  3. Unless the present culture of using political power for personal material benefit is changed to use it for upgrading life of the electors there is no hope for the future.

  4. Let 2011 bring in more Sampada awareness

  5. Well, i see a lot of idealism in the idea. And I think this philosophy needs more practicality.
    It should show up for the common man ( someone who is fighting for daily needs n survival) as an opportunity to take action.

  6. Its a very nice initiative. I find no other campaign or movement can clean up this corrupted gutter better than this.

    Sincerely thank you for this idea and line of thought.

    We will be successful.

  7. The effort is really commendable..But its difficult to remove the root is deep-delved.But no doubt a good starting... keep it up... I appreciate and support your opinion.

  8. Well hopefully this "comment" would stop you from spamming my inbox and gchat.

  9. With in the divine order, each one has their own calling, you have to listen to yourself and follow it faithfully.

    Living is never an individuals own personal affair. We are all interconnected. Each one has to lead a good life in order to maintain balance and peace. There are many religions and ideologies to carry, but we need to lead a simple and pure life. Today's living standard is getting worse day by day due to various exploitations. Education has to be redefined.

    People fix rules for others. They have to follow in order to maintain the balance in the society. Most of the people, especially indians are very well trained in blaming the system. People cultivated the system of bribe , people welcome dowry, people kill each other, people lie each other, people hate each other and finally its all ended like - Politicians are responsible for every shit in india. One among us is a politician, one among us is the policemen, one among us is a molester, everything starts and ends with us.

    Be a hindu or islam or atheist, objective is as long as u live, live well and help others.

  10. Bibek I appreciate your thoughts. Do you mean to say shift from capitalism to socialism? What is your take on these two conflicting perspectives?

  11. Bibek and all others reading blog - you might want to check out - madhyastha darshan. There is a very active group around this philosophy which is focusing on understanding reality -- as it is -- and us being part of that reality - we need to know the reality to understand our purpose and hence approach to living life correctly.

    Another one that you can look at is - this is a lay Buddhist organization in India as a part of the Soka Gakkai International. This group focuses on peace, culture and education based on buddhist philosophy. Buddhism teaches that Earthly desires (illusions) can lead to Enlightenment - when we start understanding the law that governs this life/universe/all of us.

    There is one comment I saw about practicality -- I agree to that. It is easy to philosophize but extremely difficult to practice. The above referred two groups help with this process of living the philosophy in daily life.

    Check them out. All the best.

  12. The awareness of SAMPADA for me is synonymous with life. It dawned very slowly upon me as I always considered myself selfish, in parts at least. Lately, I understand its probably that very part which caused me trouble. I consider myself lucky to have been touched by SAMPADA bliss. For that is the way forward. Peace and happiness is all we desire and thus be it. Wishing SAMPADA glory and desiring it blossoms into the new world order ensuring a fair and happy world.

  13. Sampada thoughts are all pervasive in a Karamyogic approach to associating with the world at large ..i will Quote Albert einstein at this juncture to illustrate the Sampada approach to contributing in the society ...
    " A Hundred times every day I remind my Self that my Inner and Outer Life depended on the Labours of other men living and dead and that I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received and I am still receiving."

  14. thank you for working on behalf of humanity

  15. Rs.70 lakh crores of Sampatti is lying deposited in the Swiss Banks ! Much more of such Sampatti (may be another Rs.70 lakh crores)in the form of 'Black Money' may be lying inside the country. Even if 10% of this Rs.140 lakh crores Sampatti can be converted to 'Sampada' , the contry can solve many of it's problems .

  16. sampada will work wonders in the near future. a great initiative for humanity.

  17. Sampada is an idealistic phenomenon to bring global peace. I admire the contribution and passion of Bibek jee to spread this vision for spreading happiness and equality in the society

  18. Beyond any doubt, Bibekji's phiolosophy is very practical and applicable for all situation. Today the entire world seems to be hungry for Sampatti and power (Satta) and now people are using safest way- religion to fulfil the same. Ramdev (He is not Baba at all) is also not an exception of this.
    Today we are hungry to earn more and more money without knowing the purpose why do we want to earn this money. We think we will get happiness but finally we are ending up with sleeping pills. Sampatti is leading people on the way of destruction. Yes, one should always think for betterment and growth but that should be in right way following Purushartha of Hindutva. This means not to degrade ourself at any extent.
    Many people may not believe Bibekji due to his self confidence and stubbornness that he will bring changes without accepting the corrupt practices. sometime I feel I am doing nothing what I want but Sampada is requirement of society and need of the hour

  19. Dear Anand Sahab,

    I am delighted that such deep thought is coming under debate and many scholars are contributing. My opinion goes beyond these two concepts, sampada and sampati, in two crucial ways. First, whose definition is it, the social system that does not accommodate change easily? Second, why is it important always to think of sampati or a related connotation 'possession' in the social or economic context, what about the culture itself? Having said that, rigid social systems such as the concept of "Kanyadaan" in Indian Marraige does confirms ownership and transformation of sampada, women and her liberty in this context, from one to another hand. Culture also binds and shapes sampati. Long held culture does not allow distribution of sampada between men and women.

    These are few aspects and many more around it in passive forms.

    Thank you for inviting me to comment,
    best wishes

  20. Nice keep it up.
    Let us all spread this great vision and mission in an examplary way (by adopting sampadaway in our llives).


  21. Sampada way will bring lots of grass-root changes in our country.

  22. Dear Bibek jee.

    I too had similar worries on the phenomenon of sampada exploitation for gaining sampatti of a handful..

    My thoughts were raw, your expression of the same, had given it a dimension.

    I with my supporters are with you, and would be happy in lending a hand for this cause..!

  23. Unless the present culture of using political power for personal material benefit is changed to use it for upgrading life of the electors there is no hope for the future.

  24. 21-11-11

    Dear Bibek Ji,

    As rightly put by you, Purity, Truthfulness & Selflessness are the high points of our life. May God Bless us with courage to face the atrocities and falsehood of this material life & Rise above for Peace & Harmony for Humanity & Society at Large.

    Warm Regards

    Ranjeev Manrao
    RM123 India - Trainers & Consultants
    Vashi, New Mumbai.

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  25. The Ideas expressed in the blog are good but are ot elaborative enough as to how thses will be achieved. The ideas in the papers and in blogs do not work. One need to work with people and make them understand. Since 2011 on 25 peaople, before me, have commented here out of the total of 17497 visitors till the time of filing this post. They, too, have a mixed reaction.

    Till the idea is elaborately defined and a mechanism is put in place to implement it, with a clear cut line of action as to how it will be achieved, it will be of little use.

    Please tell your readers, till now there is no actor, as to what is the big idea and who will it be implemented. what is the road map and what infrastructure or mechanism you have to take this forward.